Monday, February 06, 2012

Tweed -6 Days

Tweed -6 Days/Inspiration –Play 24 (1972 Ireland)

Although Teddy Palmer, Memories or Fran O’ Toole had notable forays into the Glam field, Ireland never produced much in the way of pure Junkshop genius such as Hector, Pantherman or Daddy Maxfield did on celebrated occasions. The fact is that in order to make a living; many acts depended on the Showband lifeline as was the case here with Tweed.
However, there are no horns on 6 Days and it’s a jaunty and pleasing number with a nod to Jeepster and it includes a snappy fuzz part. The production also has a nice line in compression. This was their first single and they later to signed to Polydor with Ed Welch producing one single and Paul Lynton and Jeremy Paul (Hector!) involved on another

Hear a full version of 6 Days

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