Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bulldog –Emanuelle Nera (Black Emmanuelle)/ Robin Hood

Bulldog –Emanuelle Nera / Robin Hood –Blue Jean BJ 603 (1975 Italy)

EXPLOITATION-A-RAMA! Ok Black Emmanuelle (Emmanuelle in Africa) wasn’t quite “Debbie Does Cannibal Holocaust”, but it did feature Laura Gemser... Written by Italian singer and B movie soundtrack provider Nico Fidenco, it’s a fun compendium of 70s trash grooves. The B side is where the true Junkshop action resides. Written by ex Casuals Alan Taylor, Robin Hood is a gritty Heavy Glam rocker albeit with tongue caught in a Bubblegum cheek. Alan was also behind the other Bulldog single –the VERY silly Doggy Doggy also on Blue Jean

Hear a full version of Emanuelle Nera

Hear a full version of Robin Hood


Anonymous said...

Thanks - Robin Hood is excellent!
Have you upgraded your hi-fi lately? Your transfers sound a lot better now than they did a while ago!

Robin Wills said...

er...yeah. I no longer got through the cassette player as I now have a USB turntable

Proudfoot Sound said...

...and beautiful cover too, both sides!

Anonymous said...

May I ask which model you bought - the USB turntable I mean?
I've been thinking of buying one, but I've heard some bad stuff about some of them.
Yours, however, sounds great.

Robin Wills said...

Ion profile pro. About £50 at maplins!

Anonymous said...

I got one of those Ion turntables for xmas. Terrible sound so I took it back to Maplins. Nobody bloomin' told me you needed an amp with a "line in" socket...

QuizMasterChris said...

I posted "Doggy" on my blog last year:

I mean to get back to doing the blog but the past several months have been very hectic.

I was hoping that single sounded more like this one when I bought it! Looks like I was wrong about assuming this was a studio project one-off.

Thanks for the music as always.