Friday, November 18, 2011

Utrecht Record Fair Day 1

Utrecht record fair 7:05am....

So it begins...

Made it nice and early and copped around 20 singles by 7:45am. Then spent the rest of the day picking up the odd single here and there. Nothing totally mind blowing (yet), but some choice singles... mainly spares...

Found a nice copy of the Proto Punk/Glam Lee single, only the 2nd copy I have ever seen. Corporation is a fine near Bonehead Dutch rocker. Did I really nead a 4th different sleeve of the Jungle Jim single?...Of course I did!

Cool cover on that Wild Angels single. How cold I pass on the Jets single? Blunderbuss is Tony Atkins and Gerry Morris (Galahad)

I had never seen that (US) Beat pic sleeve before...tight trousers ahoy!

The Rag Dolls is a cool cover of an obscure Vanda & Young song. Incredible Hog sounds really promising. I can now add a UK issue to my Swiss Pic sleeve of the Dunno single, although the B side has been feted in some circles, I much prefer the A side, a nice pop tune. Duffy is a neat UK rocker, in fact both their singles are well worth picking up. The Rain single is great. I will feature it one of these days, as I should with Rokoko sounds like it looks!

I expect a smaller haul tomorrow...we'll see

Jon Savage and Johan Kugelberg, following a Greek meal. The food was really good -Honest!

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