Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spontaneous Corruption –Freaky Girl

Spontaneous Corruption –Freaky Girl/Looking Glass of Time –Philips 40528 (1968 US)
Released in ’68 this single is a miraculous obscurity by the wonderfully named Spontaneous Corruption. Trogg-like in its snarly sleazy heaviness, Freaky Girl is certainly one of the earliest examples of Pure Bonehead. It has it all from the fuzz to the Neanderthal He Man lyrics and delivery. It’s amazing to think that Philips took a chance with this along with Blue Cheer the same year. Looking Glass of Time is also very memorable, rampant although not quite as intense as the A side,  but with an added touch of Psychedelia. Spontaneous Corruption hailed from Ohio and featured Kenny Hamlin on guitar with Danny Sheridan on bass and Ger Giancola on Drums. This was their sole release.

Hear a full version of Freaky Girl

Hear a full version of Looking Glass of Time

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