Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 Near Glam Misses: Pentagon Vs. Jimmy Pasha and The Hi-Shots

Jimmy Pasha and The Hi-Shots –Dance To The Rock ‘N’ Roll/I’ll Be There - SKY 1000 (1974 UK)
Pentagon –Dance With Me/Take Your Hands off My Woman –Nevis Records Nev S 104 (197? UK)
As I felt that each song in its own right did not justify an individual review, I have combined their strengths in order to present a (phased) themed post. Now both tracks are close to being considered Junkshop Glam, but just miss hitting the spot in a consistent manner. Jimmy Pasha’s song is pretty weak, BUT features some phased drums along with archetypical Glam “HEYs” and handclaps during the middle break which is the song’s highlight helped by some strident guitar. Pentagon was released on the same label that released Planet of The Drapes by The Flying Saucers. Here the Rock ‘n’ Roll revival angle is enlivened somewhat by a phased (yes again) Glitter Beat which helps pull the performance above perfunctory 50s clichés...

Hear a full version of Dance To The Rock ‘N’ Roll

Hear a full version of Take Your Hands off My Woman


beppekin said...

Pentagon reminds me Marc Bolan, isn't it ?

Robin Wills said...

It reminds Ride A White Swan, but then again that was a pure 50's rip from Marc

Worthless Trash said...

Hi Robin,

I believe Pentagon was from late 1977 coming after a Little & Large single (NEVS103).

Robin Wills said... about being in good company! It's pretty much as cool as Skid being a close label mate to Lena Zavaroni!