Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tyrannosaurus Rex –Get It On/ Raw Ramp –Italian issue

Tyrannosaurus Rex –Get It On/ Raw Ramp –IL NIL 9045 (1971 Italy)

I don’t know how uncommon this single is, but somehow T.Rex got regressed to a Tyrannosaur on this 1971 Italian issue in its fetching picture sleeve. Get It On is the one that got me hooked on T. Rex as an 11 year old back in ‘71 thanks to a dopey department store assistant who played side 2 of Electric Warrior instead of side 1 whilst I listened on those old “phones”. No not headphones, but two telephones without a mouthpiece which you clasped to each side of your head...remember those? Anyway Get It On was instantly infectious, I knew within 10 seconds that this was for me. It was only later that I discovered Raw Ramp on that Bolan Boogie Lp. It’s a bit strange hearing Raw Ramp without the preceding There Was A Time, but Raw Ramp appears to be the same version. Marc had a quite a singular way to pronounce breast-s-t-s-s...A great track to play on a Sunday...

Hear a full version of Raw Ramp

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James Revere said...

I've always loved "Raw Ramp", it's so catchy. But what IS a raw ramp, Robin?