Friday, September 30, 2011

Singles for SALE!!!!

Hi I have just listed the following singles on ebay. It took a bloody long time to do! Some rare Punk, Powerpop, Glam plus the ususal Purepop stuff. I am about 1/3 through and will be listing the second lot in about 3 weeks' time -Good Luck!
You may find them here
As I reminder -check out the clip of the great Josuha track...

Autographs-While I'm Still Young- RAK UK 1978

Automatics - When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again- Island UK 1977

Barry Ryan-Do That - Dawn UK 1975

Beaut-Goodbye Judy -Infinity Aus 1976 ( A MUST!!!)

Big Carrot-Black Jack/Squint Eyed Mangle -EMI UK 1973

Blitzkrieg Bop-Let's Go-Lightning UK 1978

Boys- I Don't Care-Movieplay Portugal pic sleeve 1978

Boys-(She's My Girl) She's All Mine (PIC SLEEVE!) Outrage US 1975

Buster Jangle's Flying Mattress-Love Has Taken Over My Brain RCA UK 1971

Casuals-The Witch/ Good Times Dawn UK 1974

Change-Lazy London Lady Orange UK 1974

Christ Child-Let 'Em Eat Rock Barak UK 1978

Class 50-Freerider/The Time Machine The Electric Record Company UK 1977

Covers-Modern Girls Decca UK 1979

Cyanide-Mac The Flash Pye UK 1978

Dancer-Hate Generator Dawn UK 1975

Dazzle-Jim'll Fix It DJM UK 1975

Dwarf-Backstage Queen Merlyin US 1975

Esprit De Corps-Anxiety Come UK 1981 (not the 70s lot, but rare DIY PUNK)

Flamin' Groovies-Slow Death UA UK 1972 (UK pic sleeve)

Goom-Massai (parts 1+2) Pye UK 1972

Heartbreakers-One Track Mind Track UK 1977

Helter Skelter - I Need You/Goodbye Baby Sticky UK 1977 (DEMO)

Jeff Britton & The Spitfires- Rub Out Decca UK 1976

Josuha-Jenny -Jupiter Germany 1973

Ken Khury-Baby Doll-Jupiter Germany 1975

Kimi & Ritz -I Was in Love With Danny But The Crowd Was In Love With Dean Epic UK 1975

Laurie Marshall (Paul St. John) -Carry On Loving Emidisc ACETATE UK 1972?

Legs-So Many Faces WB UK 1973

Linda Kendrick-Sympathy For The Devil Dawn UK 1974

Maniacs-Chelsea 77 UA UK 1977

Matayo-I Like Rock N Roll/ Matayo RAK UK 1975 (Paul & Barry Ryan)

Matchbox-Don't Shut Me Out/Rod RAK UK 1971

Matt Black & The Doodlebugs-Punky Xmas Punk UK 1976

Meteor-Any Minute Break Away US 1977

Monsoon-Hot Honolulu Nights Trojan UK 1971

New Hearts-Just Another Teenage Anthem CBS US 1977

One Hit Wonders-Hey Hey Jump Now/ Goodbye CBS Germany 1972

Paul Ryan-Natural Gas Maple Annie UK 1972

Paul St. John-Flying Saucers Have Landed Pye UK 1972

Rammalamma -Roll It over Private Stock UK 1975

Ramones-Swallow My Pride Sire UK 1977

Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop Sire UK 1976 (Original pic sleeve)

Ramones-Rockaway Beach Sire UK 1977

Ramones-I Remember You Sire UK 1976

Razar-Ascension Day Polydor UK 1978 (YEAH!)

Rockets-Rock and Roll Drummer Philips Germany 1974

Rowdies-A.C.A.B Birdsnest UK 1978

Shepperton Flames-Take Me For What I'm Am/Goobye Deram UK 1969

Sisters-There's A Raver Coming Home WB Germany 1974

Stefan And The Wild Boys-Dying in St. Louis Gonna Make You Blue Artists of America US 1976

Suzi Quatro-Rolling Stone RAK UK 1972

Sweeny Todd- Roxy Roller Nova Germany 1976 (German Pic sleeve)

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