Monday, August 01, 2011

Does anyone remember this band? Gorilla?

I had this flyer hanging around, but would love to know more, what with my penchant for all things simian...Well they're called Gorilla that's for sure and they look like they would sound great...was anything recorded/released?


Andy said...

There was a Gorilla single that just ended on ebay, did you get it?

Robin Wills said...

Nope. The Proudfoot blog just featured this one, which made me think of that flyer. The song is called Gorilla (not the band).However you never really know if there had been a band/song reversal at some point

sqb said...

Ha - I produced their demo for Elektra. I loved the band but my compadres hated the concept. They laughed, though. One day some dude in a gorilla suit brought over this flyer.
stephen barncard

Robin Wills said...

Tantilizing news! I would to know more. What year was this? What did the band sound like? You would happen to have a sound clip hanging around by any chance?
All the best