Monday, March 14, 2011

Larry Mann The Wild Mann –The Meat Grinder

Larry Mann The Wild Mann –The Meat Grinder/The Crawdad Hole –Wildmann Records 911062 -3805 (197? US)

Sleazy Dirty Ass Boogie time with Larry Mann (The Wildmann!) “I wanna grind you in the back of my car...” spouts Larry and you wouldn’t want to end up doggin’ with this chap around either with or without his chainsaw...
The presence of Gradual Taylor probably places this one in Ohio. Stranger still; the B side is performed by Will Begley and The Poor Boys and is a country/rockabilly number full to the brim of innuendos but of limited interest musically. Really need more information on this one –anyone?

Hear a full version of The Meat Grinder

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