Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Kiss Inc. – Hey Mr. Holy Man

Kiss Inc. –Hey Mr. Holy Man/Kids Are Cryin’ –Admiral AD 1152 (1972 German issue)
Inspired by the Gregorian chant Dies Irae as interpreted by The Mec Op Singers (Belgium), i Samurai and Formula 3 (Italy) and finally covered by Swiss band The Shiver as Hey Mr. Holy Man in 1969, prior to this later version by Kiss Inc. ( Stephen Sulke). Hey Mr. Holy Man is as atmospheric as it is thumping, the voice over is neatly European, and the fuzz is all encompassing before its abrupt turn of direction for the run out. A bizarre but captivating single that’s really out there. Enjoy both sides as Kids Are Cryin’ is nearly as bonkers ...

Hear a full version of Hey Mr. Holy Man

Hear a full version of Kids Are Cryin’

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duck_stab said...

Still say it sounds like Pulp. Or, even better, the Brass Eye paedo Pulp parody, Blouse!