Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mike Berry –Hard Times

Mike Berry –Hard Times/Boogaloo Dues –Scramble -26.551-Y (1978 NL)

Referred to elsewhere as sporting a certain thuggish dimension, it is the “other” Mike Berry (The Joe Meek/ Buddy Holly/Are You Being Served/ Sunshine of Your Smile one) who released this hard slamming adaptation of the Status Quo LP track. Hard Times finds Mike at the tail end of his “I wear leather as I Am A Rocker/Don’t Be Cruel” period and just before his appearances on Worzel Gummidge , Are You Being Served and his Sunshine of Your Smile Hit.
The drums thud good and proper, the guitars are rough and gritty and the vocals have more meat and attitude than Parfitt/Rossi’s delivery. The overall performance is entirely credible and probably the most Purepop-type release of his career; although Mike’s “take” on The Sorrows' Take A Heart is also worth checking out.

Hear a full version of Hard Times

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Anonymous said...

Not bad. Not a patch on the original though.