Saturday, January 15, 2011

Copperfield –Johnny Is The Big One

Copperfield –Johnny Is The Big One/ Have You Seen The River –Copperfield Records CR 1572 CF (1975 NL)

Now just where does this one fit? It starts off chugging and riff heavy, then turns Powerpop with some Freakbeat and Proto Punk/Glam elements. I am even reminded of a buzzsaw Buzzcocks fronted by a mutoid Andy Ellison/Howard Devoto type character. Johnny Is The Big One is a strange but catchy oddity stuck in the middle of 1975 Lowlands. What makes it even more surprising is that this Dutch band from Lochen had been releasing material since 1968 when they were known as Copperfield Style. The band seems to have been in existence until 1977.

Hear a full version of Johnny Is The Big One


althirteen said...

Sweet! I'm going to have to have this one. Looking now...

Anonymous said...

Woaw, what a gem, Spiral Scratch indeed!

I have another 45 of them from ’73 called “Hey girl, where you goin’” , an utterly stupid attempt of country-rock trying to sound pop.

A little investigation shows the following: although never having had any hit-records here whatsoever, this band made about 15 singles and 3 albums. The funny thing is that they used different names (and labels) as they progressed: David Copperfield Style, Oregon, Thin Horse, Copperfield. Their debut single (“I’m climbing a mountain” ) from ‘68 was also issued in the USA on Elektra, then as David Copperfield Style. It seems that “Johnny was A Good Boy” was lifted from their 3rd album Copp ‘n’ Roll, which was recorded in Hamburg and entirely inspired by …..Buddy Holly!

All the best, see you April, let’s go hunting for some more Copperfield discs!

moodswinger said...

can't get on with this one at all

Anonymous said...

"Now just where does this one fit?"

Well it rhymes with rash.


Seebe said...

My friend Joop Klein Goldewijk is lead guitarist of this band in the 60ths. He has'nt have any of this recordings.