Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tom Hartman –Sunshine Woman

Tom Hartman –Sunshine Woman/A Little More –Stateside 006-92595 (1971 Portuguese issue)

Sunshine Woman is a real killer single by the erstwhile Aerovons main man and is quite a departure from the usual Beatles/Aerovons fair one would expect. Starting off with pure Jumping Jack Flash riffage, the loud track then gallops along is fine fashion, until it stops dead in its tracks only to be re-launched with real panache with some blistering lead guitar. The song’s brevity and catchy chorus all add in making this a real Fuzz Rock classic. A Little More is closer to what you might expect as it is in line with his previous Abbey Road excursions...Watch out for a very obvious Beatles steal in this one.

Hear a full version of Sunshine Woman

Hear a full version of A Little More


pfft said...

Bloody hell! Sunshine Woman is one mothercrunching killer of a song!
Fantastic guitar sound.

Tom Hartman said...

You know it's funny. I had taken a few of my songs to Mike Post (big TV composer guy nowadays). They were on a reel to reel tape. On that same tape, after the songs I wanted to play for him, I had been screwing around at home with a guitar plugged directly into the tape recorder, distorting like hell, and playing that riff. When I played the audition songs for Mike, he was about to turn the tape off and my home guitar jamming came on. He listened for a sec and said..."What's this?" I told him it was a song I was working on. "Do you have lyrics?" I said "Kinda." He let it play and made me come over and sing them in his ear while the tape was blasting. He listened for a few then snapped off the tape recorder switch. He looked up with a big smile and said "Who does your business?" ....and that's how that got recorded:) Never intended me to sing, it needed a rocker voice...;)

Guitar is an SG through a small no name amp, another track through the Roberts tape recorder, and a Gretsch Country Gent doing the little Harrison type riff. Thanks for the kind remarks!

Purepop said...

Great to hear from you. I only discovered this track a couple of weeks ago and it blew me away. BTW, I saw a very nice Japanese copy of this with I believe photos of 4 band members. Jens -If you are reading can you scan the cover?

Anonymous said...

PurePop...sorry haven't back in a bit..

That cover you mention with bandmembers I have not seen. It's only me on the record, with a session bass player and session drummer, both top LA guys but I have forgotten who they were....the B side is better anyway;)


Purepop said...

Tom, I don't have a was have costed my over $100!
Maybe an Aerovons shot, I am not sure

Anonymous said...

Yeah maybe an Aerovons shot.

BTW, shameless plug, I will have some new stuff out very soon now, been working on it a long time, and I'm really happy with it. Amazingly, does not sound like a bunch of old guys LOL

Will keep you informed...


Dave Moore said...

Hi Tom
Can you tell me please if a song on the documentary about werner Erhard and EST is by you? It must be called something like 'who will lead us?' I spoke to John Jay Martin and he seemed to think that song was yours as he did the rest of the score. i am trying to find a download of it.
many thanks
Dave Moore

Robert Wingate said...

Dave Moore, wondering if you ever found a download of Who Will Lead Us? In the documentary about Werner Erhard the song is credited to Tom Hartman and Oceantracks Studios, but I've had no luck finding either the song or the studio.


Robert Wingate