Saturday, October 16, 2010

Springfield Revival –Riverboat Queen

Springfield Revival –Riverboat Queen/Need To Be With You –Polydor 2058416 (1973 UK)

Springfield Revival was formed by ex Mixtures (Pushbike Song) Mick Flinn with Donna Jones and Ray Martin. Although sounding very commercially viable, Springfield Revival never managed to reach the charts as expected. Riverboat Queen hits all the right spots with its bright loud production, infectious melody and glimmering vocals. It also features a great cutting guitar riff making it a perfect pop performance - glossy, commercial but never bland.
Mick Flinn’s association with Donna Jones would later gain some success with Pussyfoot before they both joined up with The New Seekers.

Hear a full version of Riverboat Queen

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Spirit of 78 said...

Just think... generations of fat uncles and small children could have been whizzing their forearms in rolling motion to this at every wedding in the country, instead of to Proud Mary. Maybe some wedding DJ should put it on and see if he can change history.