Friday, October 01, 2010

Hello –Teenage Revolution –Withdrawn Single

Hello –Teenage Revolution/Keeps Us Off The Street –Bell 1479 (Demo only 1976 UK)

Long rumoured, but rarely seen, here is the proof that copies of this single actually exist. Teenage Revolution was planned as the follow-up to Star Studded Sham (Perhaps the best single by one of my favourite bands of all time), but was withdrawn before being pressed up for public consumption. Although both tracks appear on their first LP, they sound even more sublime on a 45. Both Teenage Revolution and Keeps Us Off The Street are veritable rallying calls to arms and thump and thud in all the right places... and was there ever a better title than Teenage Revolution?

Hear a full version of Teenage Revolution

Hear a full version of Keeps Us Off The Streets


Anonymous said...

Hello rules OK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin!!

One question about HELLO, please:

The song "Hooray, Hooray" was realased as 7"?


Robin Wills said...

Not that I know off, whas it a later track?

Anonymous said...


I knew it here, the track number 22:*%20VA%20-%20Boot%20Power%205%20-%201970-1979

Also appears here:

Robin Wills said...

I have that Hello rarities CD somewhere, I need to check it out