Monday, October 11, 2010

Fairchance James –I Want To Be With You

Fairchance James –I Want To Be With You/Border Line –GL 108 (1974 UK)

Stripped down and straight revamp of The Bonzo’s 69 single which was written by Neil Innes as an ode to his wife. With the flutes removed and the instrumentation tightened, Fairchance James’s (Who he?) version highlights the song’s simplicity and moves the number bang into Badfinger/ Fresh Air territory. Sweet...

Hear a full version of I Want To Be With You

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Spirit of 78 said...

is it a quiz? Do you know the identity of Fairchance James? Google only leads back to here, and a speech by Ed Balls, but I'd be very surprised if it were him.

Maybe it's just Neil Innes with disguised production, he has similar vocal inflection. Nice song, I only know a few of his and hadn't heard this before.