Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Children of The Morning –Hey America America

Children of The Morning –Hey America America/ Children of The Morning –Hansa 12632 AT (1973 German issue)

This is the first and least known Children of The Morning single, the other being Ku Klux Man check that one out here:
Children of The Morning was the creation of one Shel Shapiro (Norman David Shapiro), best known as leader of Italy’s The Rokes, but why in 1973 would an Italian based Brit write about the Kent State Campus killing from 3 years previous? Perhaps a more apt name would have been Late Waking Kids. Sound-wise you could think of a protest infused John Kongos with Donovan tendencies over the mother of all slapping Gunshot beats. It’s not often you hear the FWord sung on an A side at the time and stay tuned also for some fantastic guitar moves during the final third.

Hear a full version of Hey America America


Low Down Kids said...

That's fucking beautiful. Nice one, Robin.

A punter said...

Great tune - thanks for putting these up!