Thursday, July 01, 2010

My Version is Better than Yours Part 12: Tim Moore vs. The Dirty Angels –Rock and Roll Love Letter

Tim Moore - Rock and Roll Love Letter/The Night We First Sailed Away -Polydor 2001689 (1975 UK)

Dirty Angels - Rock and Roll Love Letter/Same –Sire SAA 719 (1975 US)

OK, perhaps the Bay City Rollers had the best produced version, although the subtle chord change hook at the top of the chorus is kind of Rolled Over

The cover by the usually anaemic Records suffers from plodding drums (BTW, I am not completely down on The RecordsStarry Eyes is a classic song best enjoyed in its album version due to the fine 12 string overdub).

But here we have the original version by Tim Moore. It is the longest version by far with a nice dense and compressed sound. The Dirty Angels cover oozes rock and roll attitude and a perfect US adaptation and a non-LP track to boot. If you don’t already know the Dirty Angels, their Tell Me is a Powerpop classic and is available on both their albums.

Whatever the version -Rock and Roll Love Letter is the perfect Powerpop tune!

Hear a full version of Tim Moore

Hear a full version of The Dirty Angels


Anonymous said...

nice one Robin! Didn't know DA even did this song....i agree, I love the Records, but their version is kinda lacking in dynamics, whihc, of course, made good songs great!! best from Boston-Jim H.

Hubba Zoot said...

Like the last version. This song needs that repeating piano chord.

George said...

I dig any version of this song.. classic powerpop rifforama