Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bear Brothers –Bondiago

Bear Brothers- Bondiago/Red Shoe Trucken- Dart ART 2023 (1973 UK)

Bondiago is an interesting Fuzzed up crossover semi-instrumental track which sits at the cusp of Glam, Prog and Pounding Discotheque fodder (1973 mode). There’s even a hint of Riders on The Storm in the keyboard motif. It all ends up sounding a bit like Galahad with bushy moustaches on the soundtrack of an obscure Spaghetti Western... On Red Shoe Trucken, the Brothers up the stomping, again the mix of genres is similar with chants and prominent Hammond and it’s all very hypnotically repetitive. Producer/song writer Keith Bonsoir, mainly produced Reggae and Disco, but also produced The Glammy Run For Your Life single by Bo –Jangle.
In Germany, where this record was released in a fine looking sleeve featuring the sprouting brothers themselves, the slides ended up being switched, but were they German as some have stated? Or a UK duo? Five years later the Bear Brothers would commit the collectable 12 inch Zsha Zsha Zsha, also produced by Keith Bonsoir, but Funky Disco does not warrant losing any more dead skin over ...

Hear a full version of Bondiago

Hear a full version of Red Shoe Trucken


Low Down Kids said...

Bonsor (proper spelling) had been the leading light of Zior. 'S. Lowe' is Sylvia Lowe, pretty sure. She's something in theatre.

pooka said...

If I remember well K. Bonsoir is actually Keith Bonsor of Zior, and Bonsor/Stephen Lowe wrote most of the Monument album too