Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Version is Better Than Yours Part 11: P.J. Hollywood vs. Dominik -Rocket

P.J. Hollywood –Rocket/Telephone –Movie Play SN 20.917 (1974 Spanish issue)

Domink –Rocket/Telefon –Music Records 13576 (1974 German issue)

Or a case of my Rocket will go higher than yours...But both versions use the same backing tracks (produced by Peter Weinkauf) and both issues have the same B side, so not too sure of the story here.

Prior to the work he was most famous for –Donna Summer, Janet Jackson, Elton John, Tina Turner, etc...Pete Bellotte released the stomping Moonshiner on Decca using “Tracey Dean” as his pseudonym (check out: ) ...and now potentially this version of Mud’s Rocket.

This Spanish sleeve actually features the same photo that was used on the cover of Moonshiner and his proud moustachioed look is on a par with his sometime partner Giorgio Moroder...Could it be that the Spanish art department just borrowed the photo from the Tracey Dean sleeve and that there’s no Bellotte involvement here?

Anyhow much is less known of Teutonic love God Dominik ( or was he a front?). His version uses the same backing track, but it’s kind of a blast to hear it in German. Below you will find both the German and English Dominik versions. The English version was released in France on Eurodisc, so the choice is yours if you have the time and inclination...Although the conclusion may be that both English versions are pretty much the same apart from the end edit, so is it just a case of with or without a moustache?

Next someone will tell me that Peter Weinkauf is in fact Pete Bellotte...then I will really be confused!

Hear a full version of P.J. Hollywood’s Rocket

Hear a full version of Dominik’s Rocket (in German)

Hear a full version of Dominik’s Rocket (in English)


Anonymous said...

None of them comes anywhere near the Mud version. Dominik's version is sligthly better than P.J. Hollywood's though.

Anonymous said...

P.J. Hollywood – Telephone ?