Monday, May 31, 2010

Stonehenge –Stonehenge

Stonehenge –Stonehenge/Groundunder –Bumble GE 118 (UK 1972)

The heavily Hammond infused Stonehenge is at the cusp of Library, Prog and Heavy Rock with a certain hum-along quality over a Proto Boogie/Glam chug with the intro’s crashing chords returning strategically throughout the track. Not quite Witch Hunt by Frog, put pretty cool in its obscurity. The B side is another instrumental written and produced by De Wolfe regular Barry Stoller (AKA Rhett Stoller) who wrote the Match of The Day Theme! Groundunder is Nice ‘n Heavy and highlights his dual octave guitar arrangement. Bumble is a fun label to collect with its mix of novelty and outright pop items. Barry Blue (Green) was involved with at least two releases on the label which are worth seeking out: Tank and Cartwright.

Hear a full version of Stonehenge

Hear a full version of Groundunder


Hubba Zoot said...

Liked it a lot. If there ever was an English equivalent to the blaxplotation movies. This should be the music for them.

Anonymous said...

Very good music. If they had added some vocals they could have become well known. They should have anyway.


Simon Mclean said...

Both tracks are De Wolfe library pieces - 'Stonehenge' is on the LP 'Sing Me A Song' credited to Soft Slipper, and it seems there may be a vocal version on the original LP.

I wonder whether it was used on a film/TV show/advert and was picked up that way, or someone just liked it?