Saturday, May 08, 2010

Billy J. Kramer –Blue Jean Queen

Billy J. Kramer –Staying Power/Blue Jean Queen –BASF BA 1006 (1974 UK)

10 years on from the big time, Billy J. Kramer reacquaints himself with Ex Dakota and Pirate Riff Master Mick Green (then with Shanghai) for this odd solo release. Staying Power is a commercial 50s throwback as expected, but the B side Blue Jean Queen finds Billy moving on from Little Children to lusting after Teens in a similar manner to Harpo, Ken Khury or Miki Anthony...Music-wise, it’s a sturdy Glam influenced rocker with an unexpected tempo shift where Billy gruffs it up rather unconvincingly in juxtaposition with the glossy backing vocals.

Hear a full version of Blue Jean Queen


duck_stab said...

damn. this came close to knocking-off neil christian as the baddest glam-by-60s-has-been, but then i remembered elmer goodbody.

wilthomer said...

Great blog, stumbled upon it through a mutual blog we follow in common called FLOWERBOMBSONGS. Keep up the good work and for what it's worth "Drop Out With The Barracudas" was mandatory summer listening here on the East Coast in my youth in the early 80's! "Summer Fun" will always bring back the last day of school as we headed to the "Jersey shore".

hortiza said...

Thanks for the posting. Been searchin' for this hidden gem so many years. Kramer one of my favorite vocal stylists (Anything that part of you etc.). Sounds like demo for potential hit for the Rollers or Hallo. Thanks again/ Shattered!

Anonymous said...

Hard to find

Greets, Albert