Sunday, January 31, 2010

Smyle –Dream of Me

Smyle –Dream of Me/ Have I Ever Let You Down –Polydor 2050281 (1973 NL)

This is the third single by the Dutch Purepop meisters. It is rarely seen or heard these days and is by far their rarest single. Dream of Me is an orchestrated pop number and fits nicely next to Nimbo or some of the Magic Christian/Iveys material. The B side is more raucous and is the Lennon to the A side’s McCartney. These guys deserve more appreciation than they ever received and having all their four singles (plus the 2 Hammer singles) should be a prerequisite for any discerning Powerpop lover. If you haven’t already, check out the Mark Boon interview here:

Hear a full version of Dream of Me

Hear a full version of Have I Ever Let You Down


Jeremy said...

oh wow. holy shit... this is great!

Karswell said...

Totally amazing, both sides are killer... thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

these guys (Smyle) got a LOT of airplay on Veronica and Nordsee, the Dutch offshore radio stations...good times..great music!

kurganwins said...

I have only heard bits of this, please repost if you have time. Thank you