Monday, January 04, 2010

Monopoly –Gone Tomorrow

Monopoly –We Belong Together/Gone Tomorrow –Pye 7N 17940 (1970 UK)

Gone Tomorrow is a real screamer, kinda like Lee Curtis & The All Stars (Skinnie Minnie) filtered via The Floyd Dakil Combo (Dance Franny Dance) appearing through Freakbeat’s outdoor and landing out of time in 1970 in the same fashion as Mississippi’s Mr. Union Railway Man (see post November 18th 2008). The A side also starts promisingly but is a poppier and more commercial offering. Raymond Froggatt had a band called Monopoly on Polydor, but it’s unlikely that there’s any connection there.
Hear a full version of Gone Tomorrow


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Purepop said...

hmmm...Well there could be an Irish angle, what with Pye releasing a lot of Irish stuff at the time...but there is no mention of Monopoly here: count
However, apart from engineering Deep Purple's first album., Barry Ainsworth also produced the following for the same production company: Mystery Incorporated -Where Are you Scooby Doo EMI/MFP (1973)...feels like I need that one...