Friday, January 08, 2010

Albatross –Tobacco Road

Albatross –Tobacco Road/Let It Roll –Gull 22395 -8N (1975 German issue)

Following their tenure with Mooncrest; Albatross jumped ship to Gull and nearly made it with this corking version of Tobacco Road. Albatross enthusiastically update the old chestnut, adding a Can’t Explain riff in a hugely invigorating performance with Maximum Crunching Glam appeal. The B side Let It Roll is a loud rocker, spouting attitude with a protruding cowbell and also fully deserves to be highlighted here in its entirety. Albatross were: John Jones, Malc Player, Danny Balkwill and Terry Keyworth . John Jones then went on to form Fringe Benefit. He is still active today:

Hear a full version of Tobacco Road

Hear a full version of Let It Roll


Peter said...

Thanks for that, Robin.

I enjoyed that version of "Tobacco Road" -- I liked the whole "Blockbuster" vibe they gave it, and I had fun spotting the little coincidence/rip-off at 2:14 which sounded very much to me like the end of the chorus in "Heart Full Of Soul" (here).

As for the B-side, "Let It Roll", I enjoyed that just as much -- but what on earth was a cello doing in there?

duck_stab said...

No, I hadn't this before. The production is great. L O U D !

Much better than their other stuff which I always found a bit too boogie woogie knees up greasy good time.


lutka said...

Thank you very much for this Albatross post. Music is very good.
Please re-post old post of this band Albatross-Rock n Roll Boogie Man / Witchy Witchy Lady.
Thanks again.

Purepop said...

I will add a new sound some point!

Marc James said...

Terry Keyworth is also going strong - he also played with the Hotshots and supported bands such as Status Quo, Deep Purple, Manfred Mann, Troggs, Alan Price, Ian Drury and more. He has been playing the guitar now for 50 years and now he is 60 he still plays like a 30 year old. Now lead guitar and vocals for Plan B. Up until last year, playing regular gigs in Bournemouth and now in Spain where he now resides.