Friday, December 04, 2009

Jo-Jo Ellis –The Fly

Jo-Jo Ellis –The Fly/Perdona Mia –Fury Records FY 302 (1972 UK)

The Fly is a bizarre and haunting excursion from none other than Alvin Stardust (Shane Fenton). The overall mood is set by some neo-Rockabilly vocalisations over an acoustic backdrop with some real out of place orchestration (ARP/Mellotron?). This was probably some form of vanity release (this couldn’t have been aimed at the charts!) on a label run by Billy Fury, who didn’t get round to reinvent himself into a Glitter/Stardust type to refresh his career.

Hear a full version of The Fly


45 Revolutions said...

Really nice until the strings come in, at which point it kinda dips a bit, then it shoots itself in the foot with the M8.

duck_stab said...

Yeah, seems like Billy Fury would have been a natch given Marty Wilde's resurrection. Package tour with Billy, Zappo & Elmer Goodbody!