Friday, May 01, 2009

Competition: Win a copy of Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet

Easy one, perhaps not. But the first person, apart from Jos, who recognises the mystery track will win a copy of the NederGlam comp "Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet".
Failing anyone recognising the artist and the track, the best review or comment on the track wins it...
Answers through the comment function on this post
Good luck!

Here is the mystery track


Dnort said...

This sounds familiar. Like something from Eurovision in the early 70's. "Cause, I'm in love" would be the obvious choice for a title.
No Idea who's performing this. But, it's kinda catchy. A little cheezy in a sing-a-long europop-way. But, I was brought up on this kind of music. (Born in 69.) So I don't mind. And my feet start tapping (no stomping to this one) every time I play it.

Thanks again for a great blog!

Matt said...

The Hammer! It kinda reminds me of a Dutch Roll-Ups, great guitars!


Matt said...

Perhaps I should be more specific.

"'Cos I'm In Love" by The Hammer


Purepop said...

Yes -that certainly is specific enough...damn I thought it woudl be a tough one. It's the great B side of their I'd Do It All Again which itself is up there with the best Smyle tracks...Anyone have a spare copy of Hitchcocks's Lullaby???

Purepop said...

Oh and Matt email me your address (email via profile page)

Kris said...

Interviewed Jos about this comp. Unfortunately for most of you, the interview is in Dutch. Anyway, great comp. Classic stuff. Excited about a possible Belgoglam comp.