Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1976 bites back... Roobarb's A Star and Mach II - Concorde

Just to prove that 1976 wasn’t a complete dead loss, here’s a double review featuring a couple of singles I picked up at the weekend.

Roobarb –Roobarb’s A Star/Go To Sleep My Teddy Bear -Bell 1485 (1976 UK)
Released as a tie in to the then popular pre-Tween cartoon series, Roobarb’s A Star is a charmingly cute yet devilishly catchy tune. You just can’t fail to be moved...

Enjoy the full Roobarb below!

Mach II- Concorde/Supersonic –Spark 1141 (1976 UK)
Anyone for an ode to the Earth-shrinking-City linking-droopy-nosed Concorde??? Concorde is supersonically melodic and delightfully naff. You’ve got to dig that phasing on the Rule Britannia “French horn” part and its Pilot meets Blue at a Tony Rivers/Dodgers get together approach. The B side is, as you would expect, an instrumental with some dodgy synths parts replacing the vocals .

Hear the full version of Concorde


Collin said...

There's also a full length - though ultimately disappointing - Roobarb LP too. I should know; I have it. That picture sleeve would look ace on a t-shirt. Another Lou Suarez discovery from a few years back...

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear this Roobarb song after so many years. I used to have the LP this tune came from. It had some credible sounding Glam Rock-esque tunes on it. Some sod nicked it when I was working for Hospital Radio!

The lead vocalist on here sounds like John Bassett who was also Boots the Tiger in 'Animal Kwackers'. I might be wrong, but they do sound similar.