Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Utrecht Record Fair and Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet

Well, yeah -of course I'll be there!

This time it's even more special as we are launching the Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet CD. A bit less time for me to go digging for singles, but well worth it for a chance to be part of this great project.

Here are some details of the launch event -read on and see some of you there!

All the best


Coming out next week, on Excelsior is a compilation CD of early 70s Nederglam !
Fistful of Records Jos and Brit accomplice Robin Wills worked on this thing for some years now, having done all research, compilation and sleeve notes. The CD is entitled "Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet" after Dutch glam's biggest hit record at the time by Bonnie St Claire & Unit Gloria. Other songs included are some totally unknown Glam Rock stompers & crunchers by acts like Booby Trap, The Heavy Dwarfs, Dump, Zingara, Pantherman and Plastic Feet. Among somewhat better known acts like Lemming, Catapult, Left Side and Long Tall Ernie And The Shakers you will discover a multitude of Glam era obscurities here that will blow your socks off and open your mind to some great sounds and beats ! With The Netherlands being the main country in continental Europe to boast a Glam Rock scene, a compilation of this stuff was way overdue. The CD contains 24 songs by 23 acts, plus a 52 page full colour booklet crammed with cool pics, plus the incredible stories behind all bands and songs. Also included are reprints of all original sleeves, whether Dutch or foreign.

The CD will be launched at the Utrecht CD and Record Fair, next saturday April 18th, between 1 and 3 pm. There’s gonna be DJs (well Jos and yours truly), original Nederglam videos, an exhibition of Nederglam memorablia and record sleeves, and there’s a Smyle reunion gig ! Also there will be many ex-glamstars present, like the Catapult guys, the one and only Pantherman, of course Smyle, Lemming singer Wally, some Left Side guys, producer Peter Koelewijn, Mr. Pink Elephant Willem van Kooten, the Booby Trap singer and all members of Bonnie st Claire & Unit Gloria, most probably including queen Bonnie herself !!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet” is available in all good Benelux record shops, and can be ordered from the online Excelsior shop, go to
: http://www.excelsior-recordings.com/
The CD will be shipping in the next few days


Lou said...

Wish I could go. Make sure somebody films Smyle's live set!

Matt said...

A Smyle reunion?! Pantherman?!! What a kick in the balls! I was going to go, but couldn't find anyone to make the trip from California with me.

duck_stab said...

no shit. Smyle fuckin' rules it. does anyone have the 'Dream of me/Have I ever let you down' 45?

Proudfoot Sound said...

See you there!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Clap Your Hands comp looks great, but 20 euros for a single CD?!? That's crazy!
Maybe if it was on vinyl...

Tony Francis said...

Hey Robin

I'm sure you'll be interested to see that OzzieMusicMan has posted a hitherto unknown Australian version of CYHASYF on his fantastic blog http://ozziemusicman.blogspot.com.au/



Robin Wills said...

Hi Tony
Yes, Gary got in touch. For me that's number 12...