Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Sad –It Ain’t Easy

The Sad –It Ain’t Easy/Box –Phoenix Nix 124 (1972 UK)

Words fail me when it comes this little baby. Hearing is believing; so make sure you check out the lyrics and play it all the way through. It Ain’t Easy got some airplay at the time, but remains a complete mystery to this day. I was wondering if there could have been an Italian connection as it came out on Odeon in Italy and one of the writers must have been Italian (G. Uccillino), however it is a Phoenix production so it looks like a UK job. Enjoy!

Thanks to Bob at for turning me on to this release in the first place and to Jon for finally securing me a copy.

Thanks to Drummer Stuart for this great 1972 pic of the band
The Sad are, (from left to right): Giorgio Uccellini ( lead vocals, sax, keyboards & flute) Terry Brown (bass guitar) Stuart Wilson ( drums, vocals & percussion) Marco Uccellini (lead guitar & vocals)

Click on title for a full version of It Ain’t Easy


Finton said...

God! Thanks for this - I totally remember it from the time, but I can't think they'd have been playing it on Radio 1...maybe Radio Luxembourg? Fantastic record anyway - it positively er screams 70's!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Stuart wilson,I was the drummer in The Sad. The record WAS played on radio 1 by Annie Nightingale.She described the 'A' side as 'strange', but she liked the 'B'side very much, I was involved with the writng of the 'B'side 'BOX' (the drum brakes that lifted the number.
Marco Ucellinni (Lead guitar& Vocals)Georgio Ucellinni (Lead Vocal & Sax)Stuart Wilson (Drums Percussion & Vocals),Terry ? Bass(Great Bass Player)An Album was recorded but never released due to Marco's Nervous breakdown,I still have the album on tape. We were one step away from making it big,Great band ,Great guys.

Anonymous said...

The B.B.C. banned the record because the lyrics to 'It Ain't Easy' had the word 'pervert' in it, and had to be re- written. A guy by the name of Al Saxon re- wrote the verses but the hook line was kept.
We recorded at London weekend Studios in London, happy days.
My old mate Glenn Hughes (Trapeze, Deep Purple)used to come and see us play, we were at school together.

Anonymous said...

I'd love for everyone to contact each other after all these years.If you lot are still out there phone:07801105898, God Bless Stuart.

Anonymous said...

Great news, Georgio Ucellinni contacted me,it was so good to here from him.He was always painting & drawing very much into art, he now does this professionally, there are some excellent examples of his work on his web site.
Georgio was a wonderful song writer,he made things happen for the band.
He also told me Marco was well & living in a small village on the Welsh boarders.We have not heard anything from Terry as yet.

Purepop said...

Hey Stuart
Thanks for the update. If you are able to make a copy of the unreleased album, I would love to hear it

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,I'll run the tape through and check for any deterioration, it should be ok, it has been looked after over the past 39yrs.
I'll contact you when I've got it sorted.
Take care, Stuart.

Purepop said...

Hey Stuart. You can contact me via the email address is on the profile page,