Monday, June 09, 2008

Pip Williams -Hey! Mr.Record Man

Pip Williams -Hey! Mr.Record Man/ Nightmare -RCA 2511 (1975 UK)

Pip Williams's name seems to pop up a lot on many noteworthy Glam era singles. Often working in tandem with Phil Wainman (including the early Sweet singles), he was often employed as a session muso, arranger, musical director and producer. Hey! Mr. Record Man is one of his rare forays as a solo artist. Produced by Phil Wainman, the track is basically Bo Diddley goes Glam and comes off much like The Arrows Toughen Up, but with Pip spending much of the tune searching for the right note to sing...The lyrics of the song are (and I quote) "a gentle satire on some of the more intense people he has met in the business". But Pip doesn't even get close to nibbling the hands that feed him...

Click on title for a soundclip of Hey!Mr. Record Man

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Ryan said...

Yeah, no kidding on the Bo Diddley vibe. The tune is the same as "Who Do You Love?"

Anonymous said...

The b side is much better. 'Nightmare' is like Sweet - surprised you missed it!