Sunday, March 16, 2008

Melody -Come Kids

Melody -Come Kids/Strawberry -Negram NG2260 (1977 NL)

Melody were from Amsterdam and strangely, this -their 2nd single, simply swaps the first single's A and B sides round and features them in newly recorded versions under new titles...

So, Come Kids becomes a much noiser version of Look In My Eyes And Love Me whereas Strawberry is an Electro -Pop revamp of Steppin' Stone! It seems that at some point the band renamed themselves Bad Melody and went all out PUNK. Too much Strawberry Space Yoghurt, me thinks...Check out the original posting for their first single: May 4th 2007

Click on title for edits of Come Kids and Strawberry

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duck_stab said...

Kind of a 'Waikiki Man' as performed by Mr. Big? Their Continental shirt-tails really show through with the keyboards. A Hit!