Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Peepers –Ayeo

Peepers –Ayeo/A Heavy Drinking Ego Shrinking Doctor –Philips 6061 075 (1972 French issue)

Originally released in the UK on Bumble, Ayeo is a fun and rather silly Bubbleglam number that sounds just like you expect it to… You can almost hear the holiday-makers waving their hands above their heads, only their coach drove of a cliff on the way to the resort discotheque. John Carter is behind this release and Ayeo is a Carter/ Lewis/ Alquist composition with a nice dense and meaty production. All together now - AYEO, AYEO
The B side is a pretty good rockin’ R&B track, which doesn’t quite live up to its title.

Click on title for an edit of AYEO

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duck_stab said...

Well...if nothing else, I know what to show my personal style consultant if I'm ever rich/lucky enough to have one.


Shot down in action, indeed...