Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Bogdan –Oh Eddie

Bogdan –Oh Eddie/ Schoolgirl –CNR 144.731 (1980 Dutch issue)

Bogdan? Bogdan who? BILLY HAMON of BUTCH THINGS infamy -that’s who! Not sure why he used this pseudonym, but Oh Eddie is truly the son of Butch Things. (see review posted April 27th 2006). Billy’s blubbering vocals are as unique as ever and the content here is similar to Butch Things with its 50s tough/whining guy theme. The musical assault may not be quite as overwhelming, but apart from a weak middle eight, the song is perfect –all light and shade...
The UK issue has a version of Reet Petite as the B side, this release has Schoolgirl which is a so-so Russ Ballard song.
Billy Hamon also released an album on Acrobat called Bombed Singles, would that complete the set?

Click on title for soundclip of Oh Eddie


45 Revolutions said...

The boy Hamon would've made an odd popstar, but he knew himself it was never gonna happen: "Bombed Singles", anyone? The whole LP is such a grumpy cynical two-fingers to the pop biz. And, like, this "Oh Eddie" thing: this was always never gonna be a hit. What were they thinking of? CNR were pretty cavalier about a lot of their output, but this one takes the biscuit.

Nice one, Robin!

James D said...

In a perfect world Billy Hamon would've been a 'popstar' and this would've been a no.1 for weeks!

I want one of these!!!

TimVass said...

"Oh Eddie" was clealy written by Billy Hamon, but the "Bogdan" pictured on the sleeve isn't him. In fact, it's Bogdan Kominowski (who also recorded under the name Lee Grant). There are at east 3 different versions of "Oh Eddie", each with different b-sides which don't appear to have any connection with Billy Hamon. So the question is this: is it actually Billy Hamon singing on "Oh Eddie", or is it Bogdan Kominowski doing an uncanny impersonation of Billy? Assuming it's actually Billy singing (and it certainly sounds like him) it's very odd that his song and recording was used in this way.