Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clutch –Black Angel

Clutch –Black Angel/ The Frighteners –EMI 2016 (1973 UK)

Black Angel is a 3 chord Boogie/Glam Cruncher with some neat revved –up Motorbike effects and Kim Fowley type grunts. The tune doesn’t really go anywhere, but you have got to dig those bike sounds… The B side is a pretty good up-tempo rocker. I couldn’t find any info on these guys, perhaps a one-off??

Click on title for a soundclip of Black Angel


steve said...

I think this might be something to do with Quatermass, or Strapps... B-side seems to have been written by their drummer. Me know nothing about Trevor Gibson though... where'd he fit in?

Sean / Raquel's Boys said...

First of all , I'd like to thank Robin for creating this blogspot , sharing clips of some fantastic music and knowing his stuff .
This is the coolest site ive ever visited !
" Black Angel " - I live for this stuff ! Hard-hitting Junkshop Glam at its finest !
By the way , I'm looking to correspond with other fans of junkshop glam , i cant get enough of it ! if anyone has cd-r comps they'd be willing to share just for the love of the style contact me at : sean0075@verizon.net
Thanks Again Robin !

Bruce Hurst said...

I've got a copy of this single, I bought in in 1973, it took 3 weeks to arrive at the shop where I got it. I heard it played on 208 Radio Luxembourg at night during April 73 It's similar to Motorcycle Dream released in 74 by Slack Alice, (got that too)

Keith Gordon said...

I have a copy too Bruce, almost defo would have heard it on Luxembourg too. It is a brilliant song.