Sunday, June 17, 2007

Screemer – They’re On Bell Flexi (Interplanetary Twist)

Screemer – They’re On Bell-Lyntone –LYN 3534 (1976 UK)

This is a pretty naff flexi disc promoting Screemer’s Interplanetary Twist (Bell 1483). Anyhow it’s an opportunity to meet Adrian, Glen (is this 80’s plonker Zaine Griff?), Rob, Dave and Alan. The promotional effort didn’t work and Interplanetary Twist sank without a trace. This Phil Wainman production was also at least two years out of date, although it had a certain Rocky Horror edge; it didn’t get a chance to resonate with the public at the time. It seems that this same band had a later single on Arista (In The City), but is not to be confused with Screamer’s City Or Bust also on Arista that same year.

Click on title for the full Screemer flexi experience


duck_stab said...

Robin, yurp, it is Zaine Griff, who - please refrain from laughing - I know, I know, Ashes And Diamonds, I've got no excuse. Please don't take me off the X-mas card list!

matt saturday said...

Interplanetary twist or Ballroom Blitz? Definitely going to seek this one out.

Velvet Tinmine Radio said...

Another great find Robin! I've only heard about it untill this point. Did ya' find this one recently? Or has it been on y'er shelf for years?

I have both of their singles which I really love, but have only heard of the promo package that was sent out before "Interplanetary Twist". Do you have the 8x10 or any of the other items as well?

I sure hope this ends up on ebay one of these days!

Purepop said...

No photos, I was given this as a bonus a while ago, when I got the single.

Sean / Raquel's Boys said...

The " Steve Priest " bit on this has got to be heard to be believed ,
over the top and awesome !
My fave of all junkshop glam singles .
By the way , I'm looking to correspond with other fans of junkshop glam , i cant get enough of it ! if anyone has cd-r comps they'd be willing to share just for the love of the style contact me at :
Thanks Again Robin !

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin just to confirm it is Zaine Griff,both he and Screemer gigged fairly regular at the Bridge House in Canning Town late 70's....Trev 21/2/2009