Thursday, June 28, 2007

Horizontal –Jennifer Generator

Horizontal –Jennifer Generator/ The Last Time –RCA 2140 (1972 UK)

I picked this one up on the strength of the title alone and it nearly lives up to expectation. I couldn’t find any information at all on this release, but Jennifer Generator is a late Bubblegum entry with a nice chord progression and lush harmonies. The use of a Fender Rhodes also adds an unexpected touch. The B side ups the tempo and has more than a hint of Buddy Holly/ Bobby Fuller as if channeled through Kasenetz/ Katz

Click on title for edits of Jennifer Generator and The Last Time


Karswell said...

Great stuff! Reminds me alot of The Cattanooga Cats cartoon music.

sitarswami said...

A compilation ("Test Flight" by Airbus) of demo tracks by the guys who wrote this song was just released.