Sunday, April 08, 2007

Jungle Jim – Big Fat Oranguman

Jungle Jim – Big Fat Oranguman/Neasden Melody –Pye 7N.45092 (1971 UK)

Stretching the jungle theme in order to find a tenuous link with The Soho Jets seems churlish as common silliness cements these 2 releases together perfectly! Big Fat Oranguman is prime novelty Bubblegum pop with an abundance of grunts and wildlife sounds –It even sounds like that some of the jungle noises were created through scratching (Hip Hop Stylee)!!!!
I hope you’ll enjoy this as it’s great FUN!

Click on title for a full version of Big Fat Oranguman


Velvet Tinmine Radio said...

Great Song! I have never ran across this one before!

Popkiwi said...

I have been searching for two sons for years, this one and one called Jubilee, by a group called Jubilee. Thanks for Jungle Jim anyway, it was great to hear it again.