Thursday, March 08, 2007

Paul & Barry Ryan –Glad To Know You

Paul & Barry Ryan –Won’t You Join Me/ Glad To Know You –Polydor 2001 488 (UK 1973)

Glad To Know You is a totally fab piece of Psych-Bubblegum-Glam. Hidden on the B side of the full blown heart string-puller Won’t You Join Me, it’s another choice example of the brothers aptitude of coming up trumps on the B side. Check out Matayo’s I Like Rock 'N' Roll (November 20th entry) for further proof. The song twists and turns, the orchestration is understated, the guitars have real oomph, and production touches like the vocals through the leslie cabinet make this an imaginative yet totally accessible winner.

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kj said...

if there's a better example of pychedelic-bubblegum-glam i haven't heard it!