Sunday, March 18, 2007

Black Fire –Do It

Black Fire –Do It/Little Bit ‘A Music – Lark 9508 (1975 NL)

Do It ( no relation to The Pink Fairies) is another fine example of crunching Dutch Glam. The song is based on a Rockabilly back beat but is firmly planted in stomping mode with its dead solid drum pattern and handclaps. Built around the chanted hook and with vocals that are just the right side of gruff, Do It is a rip-roaring call to arms: Stand up for your rights -fight fight fightLittle Bit ‘A Music is a good thumper, but doesn’t quite have the edge of the A side
Black Fire were a Frisian band from Sint-Annaparochie!!!! They released a first single My Girl/ Rock N Roll Is Here To Stay (1974) under the name Stand-By prior to signing to Inlelco/Lark. Do It garnered a couple of plays on national radio but not much else.

Thanks to Jos for the background info.

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Collin said...

Very Mancunian. The 'fight fight fight' especially reminds me of vintage Slaughter & The Dogs. Some serious resemblance - like Slaughter playing behind Duane Eddy or something. Hot hot hot obviously!

Anonymous said...

Do It Dog Style, eh ?

Robin Wills said...

Nice one centurion, but in the meantime GO FETCH a copy of that Stand-By Single!

syds said...

I was nice surprised to hear the music from Black Fire on this page. I wonder where you found this song.I was playing guitar in the band Black Fire!Kind regards Syds Schat.

Robin Wills said...

Hi Syds
Good to hear from you. It would be great if you could share any stories of the band -please contact me via email (on the profile page). And please let me know if you have a copy of The Stand-By single!
All the best