Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rococo –Follow That Car

Rococo –Follow That Car/Lucinda - Mountain TOP 9 (1976 UK)

Rococo were Melody Maker battle of the Bands finalists in ‘74 (under the name Brats) and Follow That Car is a glorious and deliciously overblown production with shimmering Lexicon reverbs and real LOUD car engine noises. It ends up as some form of Spector, Beach Boys and Progressive Glam (PRAM) hybrid. Some of the vocal inflections even recall Shirley Bassey !!!! and the keyboards could have come off late Eighties Brian Wilson solo work. Not sure why I love it so much and keep returning to it, but I do -Play it bloody LOUD!

Click below to hear this epic in its full glory

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Collin said...

Pram Pop For Baroque People!