Thursday, November 16, 2006

Warwick –Let’s Get The Party Going

Warwick –Let’s Get The Party Going/How Does It Feel –RAK 211 (1975 UK)

Once again I was alerted about this single in an issue of Bomp Magazine over 30 years ago! I still cherish those magazines as they have turned me on to so many great releases and those reviews still stand as a great benchmark of quality and taste. Anyhow Let’s Get The Party Going is a sumptuous Glam update of the Wall of Sound, to my ears it would have been a great follow up to Hello’s Star Studded Sham single as produced by Phil Spector. The sound is wonderfully full with its mass of strummed acoustics over which the power chords shimmer and shine. The wonderfully deep toms sound like timbales and the bed of backing vocals surround and support the fine lead vocal and you are left with a breathtaking-goose-bum- inducing all time classic. It’s truly a crime that it didn’t get the airplay at the time and become the huge hit it deserved to be.

Hear a soundclip


Steve said...

Good record! There's info here:

toppop100 said...

This is just a fantastic track. I continue to be staggered by the amount of fantastic pop that never reached my ears in the 70s that you've unearthed and made available here.

(One day I hope you'll post the complete version of The Monkey Song.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin (huge Barracudas fan ... saw you at Wolverhampton Poly in 1980 !). Y'know this was actually played A LOT on Radio Luxemburg. I know cos I heard it daily when on summer holidays in Wales in 1975 & tried to buy it back in the Midlands without success ... in fact I spent nearly 25 years looking for a copy (thank you internets circa 1999). Then a few years later it turned up on Junk Shop Glam etc ! Amazing track !