Friday, November 10, 2006

The Electric Banana –Groovy Baby Bubblegum Music

The Electric Banana –Groovy Baby Bubblegum Music/I’ll Have to Live My Life Without Music –RCA 1931 (1970 UK)

And so on to something sweet and ever so sickly to start the weekend off… Groovy Baby Bubblegum Music is suitably emasculated and tries hard to push all the right buttons- It certainly does what it says on the tin! Sure it grates, but you can’t ignore its smarmy charm –or can you? Anyhow both sides a written and produced by one Anthony King. I presume it’s a UK production as the B side is published by RAK, but I can’t find any other clues on this release. To compensate, I promise to Ying the Yang and find something extremely hard and heavy for the next review!

Click on title for soundclip

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Steve said...

King wrote "Are You Growing Tired Of My Love", which was the first (minor) hit for 'Quo, I believe. He was hooked up with John Schroeder and wrote a musical called "Pull Both Ends" before then writing hits for The Dooleys, amongst others. So he was in the UK... but "Groovy Baby" does sound VERY American, doesn't it? What with them "Cracklin' Rosie" descents and everything, and the vocal is copybook Super K... Hmmm...