Friday, October 13, 2006

Just Plain Jones –Crazy Crazy

Just Plain Jones –Crazy Crazy/Should Have Stayed With Mary –CBS 7480 (1971 UK)

Now this is a real corker. Crazy Crazy is a raucous Garage Punk Stomper sounding like it came out of the Mid West in ’66 (and not the UK in 1971). The hand claps and stomping feet also somehow create a link between Frat Rock and Glam. What is it with singles that don’t fit in their relevant time periods at the moment? –first Barry Rolfe and now this! Another surprise is that the group featured DJ and all round personality Mike Read…Enjoy the snippet!

Click below title for sound clip

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JamesTrash said...

This is red hot! It's surprising how many great records Mike Read was involved in.

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