Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blood Chains - Suzie

Blood Chains – Suzie/Tired Guy Of The Road –Telefunken 6.11740 (1975 German issue)

With a name like Blood Chains you could expect visions of dripping ripped flesh being torn apart by Cenobite hooks…but then again I sometimes have “high” expectations! But no, you will have to make do with a trio of dorky teens frolicking on swings. It’s a pretty good record, Suzie is medium-paced stomper with a good T. Rex-style lead doubled by sax. There’s an underlying Rubber Bullets rhythmic synth, but the production is a bit weak and the track never really takes off. The B side is more like a rockier Flintlock track (or a wimpier Jook). Once again the potential is not fully realised and the group certainly don’t live up to the promise that their name may suggest. This is a German issue, but the group and production team seem to be English.

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Steve said...

Wasn't this something to do with Carl Douglas, or have I imagined it?

Purepop said...

Hi Steve
Songs are written by Holman-May and S. Elson -D. stephenson, produced by Holman -May -once again no clue...

Steve said...

Yeah, that Elson/Stephenson combination is proudly affixed to something wot Carl Douglas dun. But I'm not in the habit of scrutinisin' Carl Douglas credits, honest, so I must've come by this notion for some other reason. Don't know what though. And that 'May' is Simon May, he wot scribed the 'Enders theme, and Holman is Roger Holman, beloved of the world for penning (with May) "Born With A Smile On My Face" for the boy de Sykes.

Blimey, I need to get out more.