Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sweeney Todd –Roxy Roller / Moonquake –Remember

Sweeney Todd –Roxy Roller/ Rue De Chance - London HLU 10540 (UK 1976)

For some reason I seem to have half a dozen Nick Gilder albums scattered about my music room, but this single is his ultimate moment and both songs are probably the choice cuts from the first Sweeney Todd album (recorded before pot-marked Bryan Adams came along) . Roxy Roller is simply a fantastic Glam/ Power Pop Rocker and is up there with the best singles released in the 70’s. It certainly has the grit and attitude missing from the rest of Nick Gilder’s output.

Moonquake – Remember/ This Winter –London HLU 10446 (UK 1974)

I reviewed the first Moonquake album back in the May archives and the 2 best songs from the album are coupled here together and make this one hell of a great single. This version of Remember is edited (removing most of the 2nd lead break), but this is all you really need . Forget albums…SINGLES RULE !!!!!

Staying with Canadian artists released on London Records, the B side of April Wine’s Child’s Garden single –The Whole World’s Goin' Crazy is a fine Glam Rock tune with silly vari-speeded backing vocals ( London HLU 10544 UK 1976)

Click below for a clip of Roxy Roller

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