Monday, August 28, 2006

Smokestack Crumble –Got A Bad Leg

Smokestack Crumble –Got A Bad Leg/ Whisky Macaroni –Dawn DNS 1013 (1971 UK)

Had to pick this one up on the strength of name alone. I was also intrigued as it was produced by Keith Relf as I quite liked the Medecine Head album he produced on Dandelion around the same time. The A side is OK in a 70’s Hard Rock kind of way, but I much prefer the B side as it features a loud cowbell and the guitar is nice and raucous. In fact I’m pretty sure this is Vic Malcom on guitar prior to starting up Geordie. The vocals are pretty raspy, but I have no idea if this is Brian Johnson or not. A so-so release in any case.

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Collin said...

The bottom-side of this track turned up recently on a comp by Castle called Tremors (along with that Spiv b-side, incidentally). The caption to the comp reads 'Digging For British Hard Rock Nuggets.' Lots of tasty stuff on there as well. I only have a burn of it, but I bet the booklet has the goods you seek.