Monday, August 14, 2006

Oliver Day – Crazy Love

Oliver Day –Crazy Love/ Let The Music - Bus Stop BUS 1025 (1975 UK)

Crazy Love is a fun and commercial up tempo Glam pop single. Oliver’s vocal performance is a real hoot coming on like a Cartoon Steve Harley extending vowels into oblivion, but ends up sounding more like Billy Hamon of Butch Thingsfame”(check out April’s archives). It has an obvious All The Young Dudes - Mott The Hoople guitar cop, a sing-along-chorus and nutty laughter on the fade out, but the outcome is a lesson on how to add all the ingredients, but cock up the mix and completely miss out on TOTPS! The B side Let The Music is a riotous fast paced Rocker and is well worth checking out as well.

Click on title for a full version of Crazy Love

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