Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Jets – Yeah!

The Jets – Yeah! / Rusty Corinthian Pillar –Cube 2016 063 (French issue 1973)

The A side is a real winner with a totally amazing production job. It definitely sounds like some frustrated session guys, having had their fill with Gary, decided one afternoon to ape the Glitter Sound and have a hit with it….and they failed magnificently. OK the song is very pleasingly minimalist and real close to Do You Want To Touch Me (Oh Yeah!) with a bit of I Didn’t Know I loved You (Till I Saw You Rock And Roll) thrown in for good measure, but the sound is just incredible. They most likely attempted The Mike Leander Drum Sound, but then decided that they could improve on it. The Glitter pounding is there, but they went even more over the top with the double tracking and tape delay. They even ride and push the drum track faders up during the song! Incredible. On top of this you get all the dorky space synth/ Moog bits all over the place. There are also a few dissonant chord progressions near the end that I guess betray their pretentious muso leanings. The B side is proof of this as it’s a totally nasty and unlistenable progressive Jazz Rock instrumental...AAARRGH! (For the B side), but a very loud YEAH! For the A.

Click below for soundclip


Steve said...

Is this possibly something to do with Ken Elliott of Second Hand, Seventh Wave etc?

Purepop said...

Well... Yeah! is credited to D. Connor/Elliot. At least the dummed it out one afternoon before returning to their habitual turgid wankfests...

Rex said...

Yeah, but 'ave ya heard 7th wave's proto-new wave-cum-glam luvlee entitled 'Metropolis'? That 'un ain't bad.

thermionic said...

I was the engineer producer on this track. Kenny and I did quite a bit of experimental electronic stuff at Chalk Farm Studios; some tracks or bits of which made it on to albums (Second Hand, Death may be your Santa Claus)(Chillum) (Seventh Wave.
This single however, was Kearon O'Conner and my project. Kenny came in to put on the synths and helped with the melody line. It was indeed a tongue-in-cheek take on the Gary Glitter sound.
Mike Craig