Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Trevor White – Crazy Kids

Trevor White - Crazy Kids/ Moving In The Right Direction - Island Records WIP 6291 (UK 1976)

Dodgy ageing rocker in flared jump suit and boxing boots creates instant Teen Rock classic SHOCK!!

Crazy Kids is definitely up there in the pantheon of non-hit wonders. Originally a Jook B side (Trevor’s previous Bovver Boy stomping combo), this later solo version is THE BOMB. From the opening lead guitar salvo to the slamming bedroom door, emphasizing surly TEEN behaviour, you know this song is something special, but when the chorus hits you will be in ASBO* PUREPOP heaven ….
Crazy Kids –TEENAGE
Crazy Kids –Won’t They ever leave us alone
They can have their say, but just don’t get in our way anymore

Talk about teenage repression…this songs rocks, pops and hits all the right spots

Trevor had been kidnapped by Sparks at this time, but I guess part of the deal was being allowed one last shot at stardom and adulation, but this only ended up in glorious failure.

You can find the A side on the Glitterbest compilation ( RPM 265). I also strongly recommend RPM’s Jook -Different Class (RPM 295). This release compiles their 5 RCA singles, the Chiswick EP and a slew of unreleased tunes. A must!

* ASBO = Anti -Social Behaviour Order (for non UK residents)


Steve said...

Fantastic single, I agree. One of the few '76 singles which can genuinely be called a 'new wave' single, and it's a pity he didn't do another.

James D said...

I can't decide if I like this better than the Jook version, both are top! everyone should have that "Glitterbest" comp.

Dave Sharman said...

But can you really have a popstar called 'Trevor'? I'm sure it would be against all the rules of pop!